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About the Performance

During this streaming performance, the iron community will interact with a live crew at Shepherd University to direct the various stages and operations of an iron pour. Conference attendees can also remotely trigger the “Fine With This” pyrotechnic sculpture and watch the results online. Inspired by K.C. Green’s famous meme, this fun and interactive atmosphere directs the community to reflect on what we can accomplish when we come together to make amazing experiences and work.

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Comic Strip from 'On Fire' by K.C. Green, 2013

The Artists

Kay Dartt.jpg

Kay Dartt (She/Her)

Kay Dartt is a sculptor with an interdisciplinary practice that combines craft, design, engineering, and philosophy. Her work reflects social behavior in western cultures that force an imbalance between the natural, artificial and virtual environments we interact with. Her aesthetics synthesizes biomorphic forms, consumer language and computational design elements. Through this work she challenges cultural philosophies of living by creating functional sculptures that exaggerate issues of environmental imbalance. As the 3D Fabrication Manager for the FASTEnER Lab at Shepherd University, she uses her practice to foster socially minded innovators and collaborate on interdisciplinary endeavors.

Taylor Hokanson.jpeg

Taylor Hokanson (He/Him)

Taylor Hokanson is an Associate Professor of Art at Columbia College Chicago. His work is informed, like so many areas of culture, by the dissolving boundary between actual and virtual. He sees the global move to the cloud as an inflection point, a transformation so pivotal that it demands reevaluation of societal values. When information, and even objects themselves, can be shared at low or no cost across the internet, concepts like tangibility, access, authorship, and ownership become as plastic as the data that give them shape. The culture has not kept pace with the implications of these technologies, even as we invite them into every aspect of our lives. Hokanson’s creative practice identifies and problematizes those systems we take for granted, by creating artwork that uses functionality and humor to explore an uncertain future.

J. Stephen Lee.png

J. Stephen Lee (He/Him)

Stephen Lee is a designer and educator with experience in brand, motion, and interactive design. Past clients include AT&T, Gatorade, Google, IBM, and Nike. He has taught at a number of institutions both within the United States and abroad in India, Mexico, Spain, and Peru. He is currently an Assistant Professor in Graphic Design at Portland State University. He received his MFA in Graphic Design and Integrated Media from CalArts.


The Iron Futures Scholarship Fund

Travel expenses can be a major economic factor in an artist's decision to participate in events,  exhibitions, and workshops. Economic mobility is inherent for marginalized individuals creating a limiting factor to have funds for professional development activities. The Iron Futures  Conference and Travel Scholarship will provide financial support for artists and students from marginalized populations to attend and participate in the National Conference on  Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practice (NCCCIAP). The scholarship will cover conference fees and provide travel assistance if needed. All funds generated from the Performance, 'Fine With This', will be donated to Sloss Metal Arts for the Iron Futures Scholarship. This funding will empower diversifying voices in the iron casting community through direct financial support. 

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Special Thanks

This project was supported in part by a Faculty Development Grant from Columbia College Chicago.

Production Assistance

Jess Roberts -  OBS operator

Trent Krugler - Sound Technician

Chase Molden - Drone Pilot

Organizational Support

Shepherd University

SLOSS Metal Arts  

Keystone Iron Works

Columbia College 

Rivers of Steel - Carrie Blast Furnaces

Pour Team

Esperanza Alzona - Artist

Cricket Baynes -  Artist

Christian Benefiel -  Artist

Paige Henry - Furnace Captain /  Artist

Alyssa Imes -  Artist

Maddy Jason -  Artist

Kyla Johnson -  Artist

Lauren G. Koch - Artist 

Mike Mendez -  Artist

Nikki Moser -  Artist

Ed Parrish -  Artist

Rhiannon Scheidt - Mold Captain /  Artist